Monday, July 18, 2005

Dominican Republic missions trip: Report 4

My 14 year old daughter left yesterday for 13 days in the Dominican Republic. She is part of a short-term missions trip organized by our church. Here is their fourth trip report:
We received a phone call from Cheryl this morning. What great news! The team is back at Glen and Rhoda's home having left the camp after completing their outreach. They are all happy and tired. Today they are looking forward to a day of shopping and a trip to McDonald's, then to the beach. They will be staying overnight at an all-inclusive hotel till tomorrow afternoon when they return to the Martin's home to attend church Tuesday with the Martin's and have dinner with the church family. Wednesday they head for home!

Everyone is healthy, happy and looking forward to a couple days of rest. The weather is hot and steamy, but the sky is clear and blue and bright. Thanks for all the prayers that sustained them through difficult accommodations, etc.

As far as "Emily" the team had several "dumps" of rain but only one afternoon of constant rain. The rainy afternoon they got together and prayed if they should go ahead with their plans for an evening outreach in a park and felt is was a go. On the 45 minute drive to the park, the rain stopped and the sky cleared and was filled with stars. God is so good.

Please continue to cover the team with prayer as they take some down time to relax and be refreshed, then travel home Wednesday. Thank.

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  1. Just found your blag ... very intersting ... Do you have any formal bible training?