Friday, July 08, 2005

Dominican Republic missions trip: Report 1

My 14 year old daughter left yesterday for 13 days in the Dominican Republic. She is part of a short-term missions trip organized by our church. Here is their first trip report:
The Dominican Republic team arrived safely yesterday afternoon. Their luggage did not accompany them but they are hoping to have Continental deliver that to their camp today! What a great opportunity to practice "Blessed are the flexible"! Hurricane Dennis left a little damage to the island but was no longer a threat when the team arrived. All are well and in good spirits. Please continue to cover our group in prayer as they begin to minister to the people of the Dominican Republic.
We have since heard that they did receive their luggage and that Continental compensated each one of the youth with a $50 bill! They were quite excited! Please continue to pray for the team and their work with the people in the DR.

David Robison

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