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A Leader of Giant Slayers

Releasing a new generation of victors

There was a time in Israel when everyone was afraid of the giant, yet just a few years later, everyone was running around killing giants. What changed? David! David did something no one else had the courage to do and, as a result, opened a door for others to become giant slayers. You too can pave the way for a new generation of victors. This article looks at some practical steps to become a leader of giant slayers.

Apostles, Elders, and Brethren

A study of functions and roles within the church

It is my belief that the governmental structure within a church is: Apostles, Elders, and Brethren. In this teaching, we will discuss each role in detail and identify their key functions within the church.

Don't Call Me Teacher

A Study of Titles and the Clergy/Laity System in the Church

Jesus said not to call anyone Father, Rabbi, Teacher, or Leader. Yet we regularly use titles such as these within the church. We have many excuses for why but, is it OK to call someone Father or Pastor or did Jesus really mean what He said? Here are my thoughts on this question and how it relates to the Clergy/Laity system within the church.


Understanding the grace of God in our lives

Grace is not a blue-eyed blond, but what is it and, more importantly, how do we grow in it? In this teaching, we will look at the benefits of grace, how if differs from the law, and how we might grow in it. We will also look at the connection between grace and giftedness.

Hiding from God

Three questions from the Garden of Eden

Most of us have know times in our lives where we have attempted to hide from God. However, the times we have tried to hide have most often been the times we have had the greatest need to draw close to God. Why do we try and hide from God when what we need is to draw near to Him? I think we can learn some useful insights from our ancestor who began all the hiding from God. God asks Adam three questions and their answer is quite revealing.

How to be Baptized in the Holy Spirit

A lesson from the woman at the well

I think that we far too often make the Baptism in the Holy Spirit much more complicated than it needs to be. In this short teaching, we will look at Jesus' encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well. I think you will find what He has to say about being Baptized in the Holy Spirit refreshingly simple.

Reason and Revelation

A model for the growth in the knowledge of God

Sometimes there can be tension in our churches between those who approach God from reason and intellect and those who approach God through revelation and experience. It sometimes seems that we are asked to choose sides between reason and revelation, but is this really the case? In this article, I propose a new working model of learning that attempts to show that both reason and revelation are necessary to grow in our knowledge and understanding of God. It's not one or the other but both are necessary.

Should I Love Myself?

A commentary on Jesus' command to love others as ourselves

There is a popular teaching today that, before we can love our neighbor, we must first love ourselves. This teaching is based upon Jesus' words to love our neighbor as ourselves. But is this really what Jesus meant? Must we love ourselves before we can love others? This article looks at this issue.

Spiritual Gifts and the Church

An examination of 1st Corinthians 12

Spiritual Gifts are not only our blessing but are also our responsibility. Spiritual Gifts were not an after thought or something God does just to bless those who believe, but they are central to His plan for the church and His working in the world today. In this article, we will take a fresh look at 1st Corinthians 12 to remove some of the complexity in this topic and to find God's will as we seek to grow His Spiritual Gifts.

The Full-Grown Man

Becoming full-grown men and women of God

When we are born-again we are born with all the hope, promise, and destiny in God. However, many of us fail to fully attain to the upward call to which we have been called. We are born again as children and, for many of us, we remain as children while our Father wishes us to grow up. God's desire is that we would all be full-grown men and women of God, but what does that mean? In this article, we will take a look at what it means to be full-grown and how we can become full-grown men and women of God.

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The Message of the Cross

Finding new power in an old message

The cross is central to our salvation. Without the cross there would be no forgiveness and, without forgiveness, there would be no eternal life with God. However, sometimes the central themes of our salvation get pushed aside by more exciting topics of the day. In this article, we look once again at the message of the cross to find new power and wisdom for our lives today.

The Scriptures

Understanding what the scriptures say of themselves

Teaching the scriptures is one thing, but teaching about the Scriptures is a whole other challenge. In this teaching, we will look at the benefits the scriptures contain, why we so often fail to realize those benefits, how we ought to think about and approach the scriptures, and how we can grow in the scriptures. Whatever your level of understanding the scriptures, there is always more we can learn.
You can also hear a sermon I preached on this topic at Harvest Assembly in Chesapeake VA.

Women in the Church

Scriptural and personal views of the role of women in the church

Should women be allowed to speak, teach, and have authority in the church? These questions have caused much confusion and dissension within the church today. Here I attempt to explain what I believe the scriptures have to say on these questions and what my personal beliefs are. I hope you find them instructional and helpful.

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