Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Dominican Republic missions trip: Report 2

My 14 year old daughter left yesterday for 13 days in the Dominican Republic. She is part of a short-term missions trip organized by our church. Here is their second trip report:
Greetings friends and family:

Pastor Cheryl called this morning to update us on the Dominican Republic missions team. All are well though they are a bit fatigued from the extreme heat. They are making efforts to stay well hydrated and most are enjoying the Dominican food. The kids wake up up at 6:15 and break into small groups for devotions by 6:45. Lights are out by 10:00 p.m.! They will be at the YWAM camp through this Thurs. until around lunch time. At that point they will break up into groups of 30 and minister through the arts to some surrounding villages. Friday the entire group of 130 will gather in a large park for an evangelistic outreach through live music, drama and dance. Sandy Vutzinas gave an effective teaching at the camp last night. Pastor Cheryl will teach on Sat. evening. The kids have maintained positive attitudes throughout the many transitions.

The YWAM camp facility is a well constructed and sturdy facility located toward the center of the island. Pastor Cheryl said that there are few surrounding trees and that the area holds a minimal flood risk. Nonetheless, we would like to ask all of you to begin praying and interceding on behalf of our Dominican Republic missionaries, the Martins, and our New Life DR team under the leadership of Cheryl Muniz and Sandi Vutsinas. This tropical depression in the Atlantic is expected to become a hurricane and its projected path is right over the DR and Haiti by Saturday. Please pray that this hurricane would not develop and that it would turn away from the Dominican Republic and other land masses. Pray for the protection of our NL missions team and missionaries.

Thanks for praying. God does hear our prayers and responds.

David Robison

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