Saturday, January 22, 2005

One for the promise box: Job 19:17

Every now and again, I run across a scripture that I wish, just once, it would be included in a scripture promise box. In Job 19 is such a scripture:
"My breath is offensive to my wife, and I am loathsome to my own brothers." (Job 19:17)
I have known this scripture to be true. Every morning, when I roll over in bed to kiss my wife, I experience the truth of this scripture. Men, let me encourage you. The next time you wake up with morning breath and go to kiss your wife, if she complains about your breath, just tell her that your living out the scriptures and that your breath is scriptural. Try that and see if it helps...

David Robison


  1. Very amusing David, keep up the good work! There's nothing more precious than things in the bible that can bring a smile to our face. I'm positive God has a sense of humor. ;)

  2. Anonymous12:55 PM

    I don't think your humor is very funny! You need to keep your day job! Lord Bless You!