Thursday, March 31, 2005

Leviathan, who dares to arouse him? Job 41

God introduces us to another of His wonderful creatures, Leviathan. Leviathan is an amazing creature, strong, fearful, and menacing. The very sight of him struck fear in the hearts of even the strongest of men. "When he raises himself up, the mighty fear; because of the crashing they are bewildered. The sword that reaches him cannot avail, nor the spear, the dart or the javelin." (Job 41:25-26) Job himself had a run in with Leviathan, and God was quick to remind him of the incident, "Lay your hand on him; remember the battle; you will not do it again! Behold, your expectation is false; will you be laid low even at the sight of him?" (Job 41:8-9) Leviathan was to be feared, yet he himself was fearless.
"Nothing on earth is like him, one made without fear. He looks on everything that is high; he is king over all the sons of pride." (Job 41:33-34)
Job well knew Leviathan, and God asks him this question, "No one is so fierce that he dares to arouse him; who then is he that can stand before Me?" (Job 41:10) It is easy to think of ourselves as being invincible, as being the apex of God's creation. And yet, there are many of God's creatures before whom, when standing face to face, I would certainly fear. There are many creatures that are so mighty and awesome that I wouldn't dare to arouse them or even to approach them. And yet, God is far more mighty and awesome than all His creation. Why then, do we fear His creation and yet treat Him with familiar contempt. We treat God as if He is weak like us, instead of being mighty, awesome, and wonderful. We must never let our familiarity with God displace our fear of Him. King Solomon said that "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." (Proverbs 9:10) We must never become too casual with God. He is our Father, our Brother, our Friend, and our Husband, but He is also the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings. He alone is exalted!

David Robison

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    Hey Dave,

    " We treat Him with familiar contempt....." Talk to me about what you think that"familiar contempt" might look like. I am really intrigued. Hope you are having a GREAT day! Talk to you later!