Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Being an angel from God: Job 33:23-28

"If there is an angel as mediator for him, one out of a thousand, to remind a man what is right for him, then let him be gracious to him, and say, 'Deliver him from going down to the pit, I have found a ransom'..." (Job 33:23-24)
Elihu is explaining how God goes to great lengths to teach and instruct men in the ways of righteousness. In this scripture, he speaks of an "angel" sent to help one understand the right way. This scripture is a bit hard to understand when translated into english, but an alternat translation of this scripture makes it more clear.
"If there be a messenger with him, an interpreter, one among a thousand, to shew unto man his duty; then he will be gracious unto him, and say, Deliver him from going down to the pit: I have found a ransom." (Job 33:23-24 Darby)
Sometimes, God speaks to us soverenly though His Holy Spirit, and other times He speaks to us through another human being. God sends people as His messangers to help us understand and interpret what is going on in our lives. God will use other people in our lives to aid and help us when we don't know what to do. And at times, God may even want to use us to encourage and aid someone else who is having a difficult time. In this scripture, Elihu identifies four ways we can minister to others in need:
  1. As a messanger. We can be a messanger of God's word. To bring God's word of love, hope, and redemption to others. To remind people that God is on their side, that He is for them, and that He is working on their behalf.
  2. As an interperater. We can help people understand and make sense of what they are going through. We can also help them to see how the things written in the scriptures can apply to them and their circumstances, and how they can take hope in the scriptures.
  3. Remind them of whats right. Even though our circumstances may be difficult, we can still walk upright in them. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the right way, of how we should walk, as Paul said, "make straight paths for your feet, so that the limb which is lame may not be put out of joint, but rather be healed." (Hebrews 12:13)
  4. To interceed on their behalf. Sometimes there are no words that can be said, all we can do is to pray and to ask God to be gracious to them. To interceed for them before the Father, that He may deliver them from their affliction and trials.
Notice what's not included as part of this ministry: to judge them, to prove to them that they are wrong, and to convict them of sin. When we feel the need to "correct" someone else, we are most often moving in the flesh and not in the Spirit of Christ. Let us therefore leave behind the ministry of the flesh and become ministers of the Spirit.

David Robison

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  1. Anonymous3:31 PM

    "Let us therefore leave behind the ministry of the flesh and become ministers of the spirit"!!!! WOW! That is definitely my prayer today! I am going to meditate on that whole paragraph. Thanks Dave for your insight!