Sunday, October 05, 2014

My new book is here!

Living Truly Rich and Truly Poor

Lessons from Clement of Alexandria and the Rich Young Ruler

One day, a rich young man approached Jesus and asked Him how he could obtain eternal life. This man was rich with the world’s goods, yet he knew he still lacked something. With all he possessed, his life was still incomplete and he hoped Jesus could show him the way to true life. Unfortunately, Jesus’ words were too difficult for him and he left disappointed, not obtaining the life he sought. Some two hundred years later, in the city of Alexandria, Clement revisits this story to teach us what Jesus meant and how we can apply Jesus’ words to our lives. Nearly two thousand years later, Jesus’ words, and the teachings of Clement of Alexandria, still speak to us. Does Jesus really want us to give away all our possession? Must we become poor that we might have hope of eternal life to come? What does Jesus really think about wealth and riches? How can one live righteously in an age of prosperity? Join us as we search for these and other answers in the words of Jesus.

Now available in paperback at Amazon and also available both Nook and Kindle formats.

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